Camping Trailer Overhaul

Ever get knee deep into a project and think what have I gotten myself into?!

Yep ... that thought ran through my mind more than once with this DIY.

Avid campers, we were looking for a new trailer - something with a bunk bed, something with a little more space and something that fit the budget.

We found just the layout we wanted while searching Kijiji late Janary - not the most ideal time/weather, but that is a part of the adventure!

The trailer came to us loaded to the brim with the previous owners camping gear - we unloaded it and gave everything a good clean!  Hot tip - Ivory soap bars apparently work well as a deterrent for mice.  The previous owners had laid them out along the perimeter of the trailer, parked in a field they never had an issue with mice!


Lucky for us the trailer came with the original bed - NOT!  22 years of being in the trailer, we removed it immediately - it even folded right in half to get it out the door - cannot even imagine how uncomfortable that sleep would have been.

The plan was to buy a memory foam mattress (the one that comes in the box and delivered to your door step) but after a quick trip to a local mattress store we found a smoking deal on a new mattress for the house and transferred our existing mattress out to the trailer.  

The master bedroom, above the fifth wheel hitch, had green carpeting that had seen better days.  Ripped it out, replaced it with vinyl plank - two boxes of flooring left us with just enough to nail to the wall for a headboard.

After finishing up the flooring - all the walls and cupboards got a coat of primer.  The team at Airdrie Paint and Decor helped us out with our paint and supplies -  we used Stix Interior/Exterior Primer and Benjamin Moore Ben (Thunder for the walls and Chantilly Lace for the cupboards) which just so happens to match the interior of my house.  I painted right over the mirrored front on the cabinets too!

Most of all, I wanted to haul the bulky couch out and have extra floor space.  
Well low and behold that would be where the fresh water tank is - oops!  Pinterest failed to tell me these important details.
A twin size fitted sheet made an easy slip cover for the couch (I'll give my mom full credit for that idea).  I picked up a Jersey sheet set at Wal-Mart - and when it gets dirty, just throw it in the washer!


The dinette was another section I struggled with, we thought about removing it and adding a free-standing table and dining chairs hoping the space would feel larger.  But when it came down to it, underneath the seats is a TON of STORAGE and you just can't give that up!

The Micheals in our area just started carrying fabric, which is quite convenient!

Now I am not sure what went through my Mom's head that day shopping at Micheals - but she OFFERED to recover the dinette for me!  She won't tell me how many hours it took her, but if I was to do it myself it still wouldn't be complete.  So THANK YOU MOM for that - they turned out amazing!  


For the dining table, Lowes sells wood countertops.  It's not the right size if we decide to fold the table down for an extra bed - but I doubt we'll ever use it for that anyways.


Onto the kitchen!
 We dry camp most of the time, and really had no use for the microwave.  Removing it opened up the space quite a bit!  There were 4 large holes left in the bottom of the cabinet from the mounts - they were easily covered with sticky contact paper and a paper towel holder. 

I'm not going to lie, this project took a ton of hours (days!)... but we think it was well worth it. 

So ... what did it cost?
Vinyl Plank Flooring - $115
Primer & Paint - $160
Fabric for dinette, valances and pillows for the couch - $115
Jersey Sheet Set for Couch Cover - $30
IKEA plants, pots & railing - $45
Table - $150 (with half left over for the next project ;) )
Just under $600!  
Adventure awaits!
May 16, 2019 — Sara Buchanan
Tags: camping


Marilyn Beisel

Marilyn Beisel said:

$600.00 I’m in shock, you did a wonderful job and for a small amount of money, so it took a lot of time and energy it was a job well done! I’m sure you’re proud as you certainly should be and a great lesson for your children . Recycle and reuse!

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