The Denim Jacket, and Why You Need One!
It's a classic piece, a timeless piece and chances are you just might already have one in your closet!
The piece at the centre of attention is our Ultimate Denim Jacket, designed by Grace & Lace.  Why do we love this particular one so much?  It's a longer fit, I'm 5'5" and it sits about at my hip - which is a great length whether you choose to layer it with a hoodie or wear it with a summer dress.   The Ultimate Denim Jacket is also a high stretch denim fabric, the stretch factor makes it great for layering and A LOT more comfortable! 
Ultimate Denim Jacket - Bunky & Marie's
So ... how do you wear this piece?
When the warm Spring weather rolls round, I am always eager to ditch the winter coat!  A dense and thicker style fabric, denim helps protect from the elements ... making it a great transition piece into Spring!
Layer it over a hoodie or a zip up for some added warmth.
We wear our favourite jeans with nearly every color under the sun ... and the Jean Jacket is really just as versatile.  Since the color blue pairs beautifully with so many colors, a denim jacket will work with a lot of pieces you already own.
Purple Tye-Dye? ... absolutely!
So the color blue goes so well with other colors ... but what about matching it with more denim?  There is a term, the Canadian Tuxedo, and really I am not sure why it's a Canadian thing ... lol!  Some say not to pair denim with denim, some say go for it as long as the two denims are contrasting.  We say, if you like it wear it!
Colored Denim is always an option too, with the bright Mustard color we opted for a neutral shirt to wear under the jacket.
Saturday grocery shopping?  Running a quick errand?  Movie night?  A denim jacket helps to dress up your favourite joggers or leggings and make you look a little more pulled together.  Let's be honest, there are some days when you really don't feel like it!  Comfy, and totally cute.
Got somewhere to be?  Since it goes with everything else in our closet, why not wear it with a dress?  
It doesn't have to be all about the color either.  We went monotone and paired it with a vintage plaid, black denim and converse ... bringing back that 90's grunge look.
Have fun with it and be you ❤️
January 21, 2020 — Sara Buchanan

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