Our Mobile Boutique Journey
Our first boutique on wheels.
When we took our business on the road, we set up inside a car-hauling style trailer.  Nothing too fancy, we added racks, we added a change room and we learned to back up a trailer like nobodies business!  
The day we bought our truck!
The trailer was the perfect transition for us from storefront to mobile - but we needed something we could decal out and make our own.  While browsing Kijiji, we came across an old courier truck.  It had just received a fresh coat of white paint on the outside and the inside was a blank canvas.  We took the plunge and bought it!
Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!
The truck sat over winter while we brainstormed and designed our future store on wheels.  A smaller footprint than the trailer, we wanted to maximize and make good use of our new space.
Lots of elbow grease, we got it cleaned right up!  
Starting to look like something!
Luckily we know this pretty handy guy, he built in our drawers, designed the change room and made our vision come true!
We decided instead of going with traditional clothing racks, we added drawers!  Neatly folding all the clothing and organizing them all by size allowed us to maximize what we have in the truck and keeping it easy to shop.  You'll find one of everything hanging from the ceiling, and we would be happy to help you find your size tucked away in the drawers.
Ta-da!  We love a good DIY project, and this turned out better than we had imagined!  
Our Bunky Bus has travelled from Airdrie to Red Deer any many places in between.  We've gone South, stopped in Calgary and Okotoks, and headed West to Cochrane (in a snow storm!).  
Thanks for following us along our journey!  Be sure to come say hi if you see us at a market, and don't hesitate to come on inside - we're pretty awesome!
~Sara & Doreen
March 20, 2018 — Sara Buchanan

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