Quinn's - Race Socks

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Quinn's - Race Socks
A breathable, high performance sock with that sweet little orange fox along the ankle <3
Ladies one-size and mens one-size available.
The proceeds from this tee will be donated to Quinn's Legacy Society, an local charity that helps families affected by SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
Approximately 1000 Canadian families are affected by SIDS each year, and there is no financial assistance for those families. The Government of Canada revokes maternity benefits within a week of losing a child, Quinn's Legacy bursary is available for families who have lost a baby to SIDS.
Making waves everyday, Quinn's story has touched countless families and has been heard in the House of Commons!
A little note from Quinn's parents on "Why the Fox?": The fox is the symbol for Quinn based on a book called the Memory Tree. The fox passes away and in his place a beautiful orange tree grows where others raise their families, the tree provides shelter and many stories are told under the orange tree. The Fox's memory lived on forever. Our hope is that Quinn's Legacy is like that of the fox, we hope her name is spoken and her legacy will make huge waves everyday.
For more info on the charity, and the run visit

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