Ampersand Ave - the basics

A lighter weight than your favourite DoubleHoods, the Basics by Ampersand Ave feature solid colors and are made from Ultra Stretchy fabric! A lower price point than the standard DoubleHoods, now how to pick a color?

Bunky's Pick of the week

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Hey There!

We're so happy your here!  We are a Mother & Daughter team here at Bunky & Marie's Boutique.  My Mom (Doreen) and I (Sara) are the faces behind the business. We also have one eager 7 year old on the team that likes to help out ... the conversation usually changes from clothing to dinosaurs when he's around.

2020 is our 7th year in business ... SEVEN whole years! We are so incredibly grateful for your support! This year has met some challenges, it's the first year we have been strictly online. A huge adjustment for us ... and we really hope to get back out in our mobile boutique in the Spring.



A custom print, you will not find this DoubleHood by Ampersand Ave anywhere else! We designed this ultra stretchy hoodie along side the team at Ampersand Ave and love how it turned out. Performance Fleece inner hood (so soft!), a pink and grey berry print and a stunning blue color. The thumbholes and the trim on the pockets finish it off.
A limited edition, these will not be restocked.



We love clothes, especially comfortable styles that you can feel good in!  Pieces that are unique, flattering and that come in a variety of sizes for all sorts of body types.

Based in Airdrie, Alberta - in the warmer months you'll find us out and about in our mobile boutique, an old courier truck we overhauled into a store on wheels! Check out our blog post for the amazing transformation.



Take the chill off in a cozy sweater.  Soft knits, warm tones and long sleeves.