A unique collection of various brands and manufacturers, one size chart could not encompass every item in our curated collection.

We detail the fit in the description of each item, find more details and fit videos on our Instagram and Facebook.

Ampersand Avenue Size Charts

Ampersand Avenue uses a variety of different fabric types to create their unique hoodies.

We list the type of fabric single stretch, double stretch, or triple stretch) in the product description for each hoodie. While each style is similar, the stretchiness of the fabric does change the fit slightly.

Triple Stretch: Ampersand's most popular fabric offers high-stretch for ultimate comfort & softness with flattering shapes.

*You may prefer to size down with this material due to the stretchiness, but trust us when we say you'll fall in love the moment you try it on!* 

Double Stretch: True-to-size fabric offers medium stretch that still adds comfort & softness.

Single Stretch: Low-stretch fabric that offers a snug fit with little to no give.

*If you like a looser fit, you may prefer to size up to give you flexibility*

SingleHood Triple Stretch: This collection is fleece lined which does affect the stretch slightly. They resemble more of a Double Stretch fit which is more true-to-size.

*If you like a looser fit, you may prefer to size up*

Ampersand Avenue DoubleHood Size Chart

Ampersand Avenue Fullzip Size Chart

Ampersand Avenue Elevated Edge Size Chart

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